i probably should, but i’m not going to. maybe u should get up and beat everyone to making u do it!!

why not? and still that requires me getting up, which is a no.

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hell ya i did hELLo

what if u were lying

!!! midget bae

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a lil sleepy but I’m good how are u this fine day

you should nap! it’ll help. i’m feeling very lazy, and i don’t want to move but probably someone will make me get up u feel??

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me hello new friend

hi friend, how are you today?

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i’m back, did anybody miss me?

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i get so jealous over someone who isn’t even mine

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Do you. bite your thumb. at us, sir? I do bite. my thumb, sir. DO YOU BITE YOUR THUMB AT US, SIR? Is the law of our side, if I say ay? No. NO, SIR, I DO NOT BITE MY THUMB AT YOU, SIR, BUT I BITE MY THUMB, SIR. DO YOU QUARREL, SIR?  QUARREL SIR!  NO, SIR.

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Do you know who William Shakespeare is

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imagine if you got in a argument with someone and you just whipped a tampon out of your vagina and smacked them with it mid sentence 



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Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

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